• BMAir MAO-2

    Nowadays, construction machines are more streamlined and have limited space for the installation of a pressurised filter system. The BMAir MAO-2 was introduced for this purpose. Smaller, powerful, mountable in various positions and suitable for practically every construction machine.

    • Weight: 35kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 626x355x384mm (L x W x H)
    • Filter capacity: 23 litres
  • NEW
    BMAir MAO-3 Cab Guard

    Specially designed for the increasing demand for compact and smart systems. Under the modern, robust, plastic housing is a uniquely shaped self-cleaning HEPA filter with incomparable capacity.

    • Weight: 24kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 536x379x529mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 41 litres
  • BMAir MAO-4XL

    The BMAir MAO-4XL pressurised filter system is called XL for a reason: this system has a filter with a large filter surface.

    • Weight: 55kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 1050x660x289mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 59 litres
  • BMAir MAO-5

    Shovels, cranes, fork-lift trucks, dump trucks and dredging equipment can all be used for heavy to very heavy remediation work. Optimal protection against the polluted substances that are released during remediation is crucial for machine operators.

    • Weight: 70kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 1040x710x405mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 89 litres
  • BMAir MAO-6HC

    The streamlined design makes the BMAir MAO-6HC extremely suitable for mounting on the cabin roof. Nevertheless, the compactness of the system does not come at the expense of its capacity.

    • Weight: 40kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 828x725x255mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 46 litres
  • BMAir MAO-7HC

    The BMAir MAO-7HC Truck is especially designed for the transport sector, because a robust pressurised filter system is necessary to thoroughly deal with pollution and safely transport hazardous substances.

    • Weight: 40kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 828x725x255mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 46 litres
  • BMAir MAO-8

    Machine operators who work on smaller construction machines in an averagely polluted environment also deserve a safe work environment with optimal protection. The BMAir MAO-8 is very compact and suitable for mounting on smaller machines, without compromising the view.

    • Weight: 50kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 756x449x461mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 47 litres
  • BMAir MAO-10

    There is a good reason why the BMAir MAO-10 is one of our best-selling systems for more than 15 years. This system allows you to work more safely in the most polluted environments.

    • Weight: 56kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 1045x450x405mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 59 litres
  • BMAir MAO-12

    Do you carry out work activities in very dusty environments? Dust does not stand a chance against the BMAir MAO-12, partly thanks to the unique and patented vacuum system that sucks air from the bottom of the unit.

    • Weight: 45kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 710x440x460mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 38 litres
  • BMAir MAO-22

    This system protects machine drivers against work activities in the dustiest environments that include high concentrations of gas and vapours.

    • Weight: 45kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 827x677x343mm (LxBxH)
    • Filter capacity: 74 litres
  • BMAir Asyst Uni 112

    In case of extreme peak loads in the concentration of gases and vapours or a temporary lack of oxygen in the surrounding air, the patented breathing air assistant system BMAir ASYST allows you to continue working under safe conditions.

    • Cylinder capacity breathing air: 15,000 bar litres
    • Weight: 200kg without filters
    • Dimensions: 1630x830x560mm (LxBxH)
  • Red Dot Airco

    BMAir is official distributor of Red Dot air conditioning
    Red Dot produces premium HVAC units and components for off-road applications, creating responsive solutions by partnering with customers around the globe.